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The Self-Appreciation Society

being one of those Stupid Weblog Things

January 22nd, 2009

Shopping @ 10:58 pm

Ahh, feel better now.

There's a happy belly medium for grocery shopping where it's not too much of a chore but is still productive. If I'm not hungry when I go shopping I trudge about miserably and begrudgingly leave with toilet paper and a token can of chick peas. Yesterday I was starving and although the end result cost far too much and apart from breakfast and a couple of dinners yielded only biccies and the components of a sandwich which could be seen from space, shopping while hungry is a fabulous Christmas wonderland. Every single item looks delicious and you imagine how great it'd be to be eating those raisins or that chili dipping sauce or that unidentifiable Polish fish something right the hell now.
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